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Jerry Jeudy wins Biletnikoff as Nation's Best Wideout

[TALLAHASSEE] University of Alabama sophomore Jerry Jeudy won the coveted Biletnikoff award, presented annually by the Tallahassee Quarterback Club (TQC) to college's outstanding football receiver. Jeudy edged finalists Massachusetts WR Andy Isabella and Oklahoma State WR Tylan Wallace to cement his legacy in the annals of college football history.

Jerry Jeudy had an explosive season for the Crimson Tide, entering the 2018 College Playoff Semifinals with 59 receptions, 1,103 yards, and 12 TDs. His eye popping 18.7 yards per catch shows his ELITE attributes as college football's most dangerous wideout: explosive "next gear" speed, great route running, and shifty elusiveness once he has the rock. (That stop and go jerkiness with the dead leg is just a small part in Jeudy's wide toolkit.)

Jeudy's cumulative numbers understate the potency of Alabama's offense under gunslinger Tua Tagovailoa. With Tua at the helm, Alabama transformed from a conventional balanced pro attack to a explosive pass happy offense where the Tide spread the ball to many different receivers other than Jeudy; four other WR beside Jeudy have over 30 catches and 500 yards, and 5TDs....

So when Jeudy got the rock, he made sure it mattered: One out of every six catches by JJ went for a TD ... As a matter of fact, early in the season, every 1 out of 3 catches went for a TD.

Jeudy starred at Deerfield Beach High School under Bucks' Head Coach Javon Glenn. He was 1st All-State selection and Under Armour All-American selection.

Jeudy joins a list of former high school players from The Sunshine State to win the Biletnikoff, all from South Florida:
2014 Amari Cooper (Alabama, Miami Northwestern HS)
2000 Antonio Bryant (Pitt, Miami Northwestern HS)

From the Biletnikoff Website:
The Biletnikoff Award is presented annually to the season’s outstanding college football receiver regardless of position (the award defines receiver as any player who catches a pass hence, tight ends, slot receivers and backs, inside receivers, wide receivers, split ends, and running backs are eligible) by the Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation, Inc., (TQC).

The TQC Foundation, Inc., is an independent, charitable organization that was founded in 1994. Past Chairman and Founding Trustee Professor Walter W. Manley II, Founding Trustee L. Thomas Cox, Jr., Founding Trustee Rocky Bevis, and Founding Trustee Bob Teel established the award and the TQC Foundation, Inc., that sponsors it. Many more trustees have contributed to its development as one of the most prominent awards in college football.

The TQC Foundation, Inc., joined the idea of a college receiver’s award to the organization’s vision and created the outstanding award and dynamic organization. The trophy, presented to each winner, is the most beautiful in college football – it has won several national awards for design excellence and aesthetic appeal.





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